My name is Jeffery Scott Johnson.

I’m a life harmonization consultant, specializing in addressing the psych/emotional aspects of wellness as a Master-Level Practitioner and Teacher of the Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ve held certification through the Sophia School of Living Arts since 2012 and currently hold position as both professor and retreat facilitator with their continued training intensives. I also manage a private practice serving clients across 5 different continents, with extensive experience working collaboratively in both clinical and retreat/intensive settings with larger organizations, both domestically and internationally.

I’ve held space as a coach, counselor, healer, speaker and workshop facilitator at transformational events such as Burning Man, the Lucidity Festival, and the Evoke Passion Project, as well as assisting at personal development organizations, including a mindfulness-based recovery retreat, The New Life Foundation, and the Nam Yang Pugilistic Society, a Shaolin Kung Fu school, both located in Thailand.

All of that is a long expansion for a much simpler statement:

I’m here to help you step into the highest version of yourself.

Shall we?