It’s absolutely true.

We have the capacity to restructure our neurology, and the way we perceive our reality, using our mind. Our dominant emotional states affects both our psyche and physiology; healing of the entire human organism is possible by using the emotional body as the medium to affect lasting positive psychological changes. In Effinity coaching sessions, this is influenced largely in part by a technology that we already possess, literally at our fingertips.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or tapping, is a self-healing/relaxation modality that combines Chinese medicine, Western psychology, neurolinguistic programming, breath work and hypnosis. In session, a person is guided to tap percussively on acupressure points in a specific sequence while accessing various emotional states and engaging in spoken affirmations while engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. This both effectively reduces stress and even the memories of stressful situations while boosting immune function and enhancing cognition. In doing so, stored emotional energy is accessed and released from the nervous system, and a reorganization process that surfaces on both a physical and psychological level commences. There’s a neurological restructuring aspect that occurs as well, which is influenced by the psychological concept of secure attachment, modeling a thought process that is saturated in the high frequency thought forms of empathy, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

There are years of empirically evidence-based research from institutions including Harvard Medical and the California Medical Research Institute that verify the benefits of this modality, addressing a wide range of issues from acute/developmental trauma, ptsd, stress, panic, phobias, addictions, anxiety, depression, abuse, the emotional aspects of physical injuries, chronic pain, and burnout. Anything in your reality that caries with it a negative emotional signature can have this technique applied to it, running the gamut from financial difficulties, performance/motivation/learning disabilities, or relationship and family issues, with noticeable alleviation of energetic intensity shown typically within a single session. The scope of what is available here is both vast and expanding.

As with any healing modality or psychotherapeutic intervention, results are never guaranteed. Yet the success rate of this modality is beyond encouraging, often working when nothing else will. The overall take away from learning/experiencing what is contained here is the possibility of a feeling light, clear, calm, peaceful, optimistic, resilient and empowered with the capacity to self-regulate at any time, because once learned this technique is self-applicable.