“I had the incredible opportunity to meet Jeff at an EFT Tapping retreat in the Spring of 2018. Since I met him I felt an honest and deep connection with his welcoming soul. During the training, I had the blessing of working with him during an EFT session. He has the ability to guide you during this gentle, yet powerful process to release trauma, burdens, triggers, etc. Jeff’s knowledge, compassion, love and intuition make you feel at ease, safe and specially accepted as you are. His wisdom and touch during his sessions are remarkably accurate and his loving energy helps you do the work you need to do to release what does not serve you anymore. I highly recommend working with Jeff if you want to heal your wounds, release your triggers and the baggage that does not serve you anymore. Thank you, Jeff, from the bottom of my heart.”

-Eduardo Huerta, IAKP Kambo Practitioner and Money Reiki Grand Master.

“ Jeff has emotional healing skills of the highest degree. He is present, loving and thorough.”

-Sonya Sophia, Founder of the Sophia School of Living Arts